Moneywise, Inc.

Services Offered by Moneywise, Inc.

  • Asset Management after discussions of risk and other factors that will affect the selection of a suitable portfolio
  • Investment Consulting / 2nd Opinions
  • Retirement Planning
    • Saving Recommendations (both amounts and best type of accounts)
    • Retirement Plan Analysis including help selecting the best retirement plan for business owners
    • Recommendations on the order of withdrawals from which accounts in retirement
    • Changes to the plan when life or market events inevitably occur
  • Pension plan decisions
    • Taking a Lump Sum verses Annuitizing
  • Integrating all areas of our clients planning so they are working together most efficiently
  • Help with Social Security & Medicare decisions
  • Career change Advice
  • Estate Plan Analysis and Things to Consider (We are not attorneys and do not draft documents)
  • Insurance Needs Analysis (We are not licensed insurance agents and do not offer the actual policies)
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